It could’ve been my last auto-rickshaw ride


I think randomness and this Mumbai Maya-Nagri have something in common. Its not you, trust me, its the people. Being a mumbaikar you always look forward to your rickshaw ride. Be it from one part to any other part of Mumbai (I have blatantly ignored the townies here). It can be a short ride, a long ride or just a ride. And because of the scorching heat, it becomes imperative maybe for some to take an auto rather than travel in crowded or smelly BEST bus.

Some of the experiences that you anticipate in the rickshaw is making out with your partner, clicking #rickshawselfies, listening to ‘Himesh bhai’ yelling his nose out so on and so forth… but have you ever experienced sheer act of randomness performed by a fellow citizen while you are travelling? Well, yesterday was the day where I witnessed something similar.

The journey between my home to workplace is hardly 25-30minutes. I board an auto (Its more likely to swiftly find diamonds more often in the streets of Africa rather than autorickshaws in Mumbai) And here I am like any other day listening to my favourite songs on my iPod and enjoying the view and the breeze outside. The rickshaw stopped at a signal and so did my song. Well, it was time for me to play the next song… when suddenly a head pops inside my rickshaw and…

She:- Bhaisahab, aap woh bridge ke neeche se jaa rahe hai kya? (Are you going to pass from underneath that bridge)

Says this middle aged women from a decent middle-class family.
I am stunned and startled for a second… And the only words that come out of my mouth is…

Now this is me contemplating of thinking into what does she exactly want out of this? Would it be free lift? Probably! Otherwise, I ain’t no Shah Rukh Khan for her to sort of make an attempt to ask me for a lift.

And I go like…

He:- Nahi! Main upar se jaa raha hoon (No. I am taking the bridge)

It maybe my gut feeling or my presence of absent mind that made me said so.

For all those sympathizing with here right now listen to this – My honesty was rewarded with a reaction that was filled with disgust and disappointment. As she din’t stop there and moved to another rickshaw standing right besides mine.

Moving forward the rickshaw driver told me that such people shouldn’t be encouraged whatsoever as they’ve the tendency to blackmail people in return for cash and mobile. And the accusation can as horrendous as rape, etc. It ended with…

Ladki hai na. Fayda toh uthayegi (Girls will always take the best advantage of any given situation)


Tatpariya yeh hai (Reason for writing this blog is) Please beware! Let any such instances not take the best of you. Helping people is one thing, learn how to read people and listen to your gut feeling.

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