The BEST massage!


I’ve been living in Mumbai (Bombay then) since 1988. I practically grew up with this city. We’ve experienced a lot together. Right from the early days of colour tv, the riots, the bomb blast, the change of identity (from Bombay to Mumbai), the terrorist attack, winning the cricket world cu up until experiencing the metro and it goes on and on… the list never stops! Please excuse me, if I have...

A microwave called advertising. Ready to bake ideas within minutes.


Advertising is a funny business! A line that stuck with me since the time I read it the first time. Lines like mango frooti, fresh and juicy or humara bajaj or even kuch meetha ho jaaye; all classic, stayed for generations but somehow, somewhere, could not create an impact like the first line of the paragraph did. When you mention the word funny, it has many connotations. A term so subjective, it...

What’s social about social media now?


There were times when one used to be passionate about being on social media. Aside from stalking your exes and that hot girl on Facebook, the inception phase of social media was when one could really connect well with the world. And not just thanks to Facebook, but the different facets it opened up to us. Never had I thought that I could see or talk to someone from Italy until social media...

Sorry, Mexicans says Donald Trump and Ambuja Cements


Donald Trump has shaken up the world with his executive orders, more so his aggressive actions against world peace. Ideologies like #MuslimBan and building a wall between Mexico and USA, have brought jitters the leaders of the world and the public. Amongst all, he has just been on that seat for just few days now and this is the impact he has created. Commendable! But amongst the midst of this...

Rise of Donald Trump, fall of confused desis


Since Donald Trump has taken over, there has been nothing but disappointment the world over. His antics of mocking, slandering and ignoring have caused immense discomfort to both native Americans and others associated with it. Speaking of association, a few Indians have also shown their discomfort and disregard. Why? I’ll tell you. These Indians that I’m talking about are those who booked their...

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