Let’s deport the Anti-Nationals


Let’s deport the Anti-Nationals Today, I have to say that the nation I call home, my mother, a land that I stay-in, a country that I am proud of… It’s citizens have let me down. This extent of disbelief has come from the recent ill-fated acts of Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi‬‬ protesting against the death sentence of Afzal Guru. Now, just to give you a perspective of who Afzal Guru really...

Horse riding was easy!


Marriage is a very complicated concept if you ask me. Right from the letter ‘M’ to ‘E’, rhetorically speaking. I could put forward a list of nuisance one has to go through in order to get married. Starting from… getting hold of the right girl, meeting her parents, making them like you, making your parents like her, co-ordinating with the wedding planner, photographer, food arrangements, wedding...

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