Civil War for the masses. Shivil War for the MahaSIS!


And by Mahasis I am not making a direct co-relation with the ISIS. I would like to refer it to Maharashtrians living in India.

Being a Maharashtrian (a caste in India), I have gone through hell lot errors in pronouncing things differently in the recent past. Calling Matrix – Matrick, Gems – James and Pepsi as Pep She! Yeah, we are nurtured to practically form our own second language.

No matter how much the world decides to make fun of the way we talk, we feel proud in whatever we do and that is how its going to be! Whether the Queen of England likes it or not, we will continue to be.

But lately, I overheard a conversation between my cousin and a friend of his in the US. They for some reason before the release of the movie were discussing Captain America: Civil War and developing their own fan theories! That’s not the point. The point is that with me my grand mother over-heard their conversation too. Suspiciously, she turned towards me and said…

Manshu, Shiv devancha var kay navin picture aali aahe?

(Is there a movie based on Lord Shiva’s life?)

Startled, I tried to think and think hard. Flipping through all the Bollywood news accumulated in my mind. After a minute or so, I paused, clueless in the end, I had to give up and admit that I didn’t know. I was concerned knowing that why would she (grand mother) ask me this question?

She replied

Ha mitra barobar kay tari Shivil Bivil manhat hota. Mala watla navin picture aahe ki kay. Jar asel tar mala gheun jha.”

(Your brother was talking to his friend about some ‘Shivil pronounced as Civil’ movie so I thought it’s a new movie based on Lord Shiva. If that is so, please take me)

I answered…

Tey Civil War aahe. Captain America chi movie aahe. English aahe. Tula nahi kalnar

(It is a new Captain America movie and its in English which she won’t understand because she is not well-versed with English)

The conversation ended when she said

Kay tujhe upchar aahe. Captain America Shivil War asel Civil war nahi. Kathin aahe tujha

(I am shocked hearing your pronunciations. Its Shivil War and not Civil War. Your future looks difficult.”

Captain America: Civil War

I love Marathi and fellow Maharashtrians. What would I do without you all!

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