Condemning? For what?


A big hello to all. Not many might have missed my horrendous writing but I surely had to be back after many days or maybe months to voice out whatever is there in my heart. I’m like one of those human beings who cannot swallow bulls#!t very easily. And very rarely do I succumb to nonsense and the situation arises only when the world blocks itself to absorb sense and intakes air filled with absolute nonsense that sometime make me wonder – “Seriously? What is up with us?”

The constant social banter that has flooded my twitter and facebook timeline is – “Should Pakistan artists condemn the Uri terror attack? If not, the film industry should stop working with them.”

I mean, seriously! Is this one of the greatest concern to you, India? Whether out of the trillion people in the world, some dude or woman from some Godforsaken country has not condemned the terror attack on our nation?

The Indian media again has been successful to divert and corrupt our minds with this ‘Condemning’ nonsense. Dragging names like Karan Johar, Om Puri and Salman Khan only to stir up more controversy. Where are the families of those who’ve lost their lives here? You’ve forgotten them, right?

Okay Indian media, explain me something… What if these Pakistani artists condemn the attack? Is it like a sacred spell that will bring back those jawans who have lost their precious lives battling for us? Is it that condemning of terror attacks will bring back the smiles of those families who have lost someone special, someone dear?

I mean, what are you trying to achieve out of all this?

Hurting sentiments, toying with emotions and sowing anger that’s what you’ve achieved. Let alone high TRPs and monetary benefits be.

We Indians are innocent souls. We surf the internet and watch TV because we need respite from our daily chores. Please cut the crap and let us live. Be responsible and do your job sincerely, that is all I want. There is enough crap that we have to deal with Indian media. Something that you or your TRP won’t understand.

And yes, if ‘condemning of terror attacks’ monetary or emotionally helps the one who have lost someone special during the terror attacks, only then ask for others to condemn it.

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