Rise of Donald Trump, fall of confused desis


Since Donald Trump has taken over, there has been nothing but disappointment the world over. His antics of mocking, slandering and ignoring have caused immense discomfort to both native Americans and others associated with it. Speaking of association, a few Indians have also shown their discomfort and disregard. Why? I’ll tell you.

Image source:- The Business Standard
Image source:- The Business Standard

These Indians that I’m talking about are those who booked their tickets to New York and said to my face, “I’ll never come back to this hell.” To add to this – studying abroad, learning some slang, mixing with the locals, sharing selfies with the whites, wasting hard-earned money on drinks… weed… women, calling fellow Indians crap, wearing t-shirts which say ‘I love New York’, slyly calling themselves Americans first and applying for a green card. Contemplating high on life with the thought of never returning to India, these confused desis are now thinking of shifting their base to any of the metros in India. Why? Because when a government that encourages racial discrimination and empowers those who practice it, it’s simply asking for trouble. And a skin so brown will stand out amongst all the whites no matter what your accent is.

There is a line that stays with most of the educated Indians from childhood till death, which is, “All Indians are my brothers and sisters.” Many abide by it. It is good; I too practice the same. But when that fellow Indian leaves you behind to hunt for something better, accuses you and your nation of being filthy and other synonyms attached to it, possesses greed when surrounded by others, and because something goes wrong there, feels the need to come back to their own country and shower blessings, love and whatnot… what do you do in such a case? Do you spread your arms wide open and say, ‘It’s okay,’ or be very un-Indian-like by unwelcoming these Indians? Do we invite those to take over our jobs or do we stop and say, “You know what, you’ve decided to be on your own, so figure out something wherever you are”? What is it that needs to be done?

Remember, a nation is never made – you need to make it! And here, ‘you’ means the citizens of this country.

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