Rise of Donald Trump, fall of confused desis


Since Donald Trump has taken over, there has been nothing but disappointment the world over. His antics of mocking, slandering and ignoring have caused immense discomfort to both native Americans and others associated with it. Speaking of association, a few Indians have also shown their discomfort and disregard. Why? I’ll tell you. These Indians that I’m talking about are those who booked their...

Taimur, Mohammed and Sunny – The Internet’s Love Triangle.


Himanshu? Why did my parents keep my name as that? Oh wait, who cares? Himanshu is such a common name and so Hindu that you are fine with it… or is it because my dad was a 9-to-5 serviceman and mom was a simple middle-class maharashtrian homemaker? You don’t care, right! Fair enough. But why is it that you’ve a problem when a celebrity couple like Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan name their...

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