Taimur, Mohammed and Sunny – The Internet’s Love Triangle.


Himanshu? Why did my parents keep my name as that? Oh wait, who cares? Himanshu is such a common name and so Hindu that you are fine with it… or is it because my dad was a 9-to-5 serviceman and mom was a simple middle-class maharashtrian homemaker?

You don’t care, right! Fair enough. But why is it that you’ve a problem when a celebrity couple like Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan name their son Taimur? Taimur… a few days ago, this name was completely alien to you. Some jobless moron googled his ass off and found out that Taimur was a Turco-Mongol emperor who was accused of killing his mother and ordered to kill 100,000 Hindus during his reign.

Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan with their son Taimur Ali Khan

I mean seriously? Since when did we take such an interest in history? Even our history books didn’t go as deep as the media and a few jobless Indians have!

The prime minister here has been screaming at the top of his lungs to make this India a digital India, and here we are discussing whether Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan made the right choice by naming their son Taimur? By the time he grows up, he and his comradery will be laughing their asses off at us, saying:

“Where I was born, there were educated fools all around me.”

Seriously guys, to the paid media and fellow Indians – give us a break. If you don’t have a life or a news piece for your publication, just let it be. There is no need to corrupt or degrade this India.

On the other hand, Mohammed Shami, I respect you and seek your forgiveness on behalf of the entire nation. This nation doesn’t deserve you, your brilliance, your dedication or your perseverance in playing for India and representing us at a global level. We are a bunch of morons who want to comment on anything and everything. We’re so religiously moulded that we oftentimes forget about the contributions others make for us. A prime example would be our Indian Army and how politicians, along with a few civilians, raised their fingers towards their integrity during the Kashmir debacle.

Mohammed Shami with his wife


Though I’m not someone who studies Islam, I see many extremists who are pointing a finger towards you and your wife for wearing indecent clothing. However, I can assure you that many Indians do not share the same feelings and completely support you and your wife in whatever way possible. Well, you never know…

“These may be some of those hypocrites who search for Sunny Leone on Google Images and have contributed towards making her India’s most searched celebrity on Google.”

Sunny Leone

अरे हा मैं तोह भूल ही गया। सनी लियॉन तोह मुसलमान है ही नहीं। तोह क्या फरक पड़ता है? (Oh yes, I forgot – Sunny Leone doesn’t belong to the Muslim community, so it doesn’t make a difference.) Shami bhai, don’t take offence and continue whatever you are doing and win to make this country and this India proud.

And… to all you hypocrites and a bunch of those who are spreading shit all over the Indian internet, this is for you…

Finger salute to the internet

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