The Indian Boyfriend!


I’m sure many synonyms are attached to it – some being rapist, molester and eve-teaser, etc., to name just a few. And why shouldn’t one feel that way? I mean, haven’t we given the world enough evidence as to what and who we are with the recent Bengaluru mass molestation incident on New Year’s Eve?

Let’s get this straight. We Indians are animals, or you may even call us sexual predators. We are so overwhelmed by the short clothes you wear that our motto as and when we step out of the house is to not let any girl breathe freely. Did you say we are a democratic country? Please! No matter how much effort you put in, our sexual hormones are simply uncontrollable! We are designed and developed that way. Blame our upbringing.

But hey, there are many men who date Indian women and have a certain kind of gentlemanly manner or chivalry within them. These men, aka Indian boyfriends, have laid down certain rules that they would like their better halves to follow.

They have laid down these crystal clear rules. It’s like their commandments:

  1. Wear full clothes whenever out on a date
  2. Return home before 12pm midnight
  3. Make sure she travels in a taxi rather than on a bus or train

Why these commandments? So that other Indian men do not pounce on her and try to molest or rape her. And whenever she is returning home from a party, it will prevent some car or group of men from abducting her in front of a club, raping her and leaving her scarred on her doorstep in the early morning.

All that bravery of every Indian boyfriend has gone down the drain after hearing about the Bengaluru mass molestation case. I’m sure your question will be, “But what can one do against the mob?”

Although one can’t completely prevent it, one can definitely make an effort to ensure that, moving forward, if something similar happens in your vicinity, you will be a man and act swiftly to control the situation in whatever way possible – whether this be calling the cops or being macho and fighting against thugs. It may also include punishing parents who teach their kids not to respect women or acting against kids who objectify women. If you find anyone misbehaving with any girl and if you do not have the brawns to fight them, then call the cops and let them handle the situation.

Hey Indian boyfriend, don’t stop her from doing something. Start acting against something and do something for her! These small steps will make a huge difference.

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