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There were times when one used to be passionate about being on social media. Aside from stalking your exes and that hot girl on Facebook, the inception phase of social media was when one could really connect well with the world. And not just thanks to Facebook, but the different facets it opened up to us. Never had I thought that I could see or talk to someone from Italy until social media happened. Never had I thought that I could broadcast my views so clearly without any inhibitions until social media happened. The number of good things that came along with social media are countless, but people are now taking advantage of this platform for all the wrong reasons.

This woman, for example:

Gurmehar Kaur

Her name is Gurmehar Kaur; she studies at a university and has taken social media by storm with the recent ABVP protest and everything attached to it. The protest is something that I would not like to get into as it’s more political than one could ever imagine, and the whole fight according to me is something of a joke. Still curious to know? Google it!

This 19-year-old (and I’m not referring to her as a martyr’s daughter) millennial is making the news for some strange reason. Using social media as a platform to voice her views and opinions is fine, but voicing them to create a political stir and take a dig at someone’s sentiments is just not cool. I am not fighting against you Gurmehar; I couldn’t care less to be precise. But look at the amount of filth you and others have created on social media! There were times when I surfed online to forget all my problems, to relax, to be entertained, to take some time out from the heavy stressful life I or we live-in. But today, the nonsensical issues that this country is brewing up on social media have only added to my annoyance. I mean, there’s a reason why we have TV and news channels. Vent your views there. There’s a reason why it’s called the idiot box. Why are you spoiling one of the most beautiful things that mankind has ever created – social media? Very rarely do we get a chance to say something of this stature.

And aren’t you a 19 year old who should focus on living life rather than this political bullshit? Shouldn’t you be spending more time with your friends in the canteen, bunking college, watching early morning shows of the latest movies to save on ticket cost, have slumber parties, and explore life like a millennial? What makes you forget everything else and plunge into something that the country wants to stay away from? Politics? Really? I’m 28 and I really wish I could be 19 only to forget the misery adulthood has caused. Go out, see the world, and explore it while you can.

Out of all the things that you’ve achieved, I have to say, “Thank you for ruining something I love called social media. Thank you for corrupting it with your nonsense.”

Please don’t ruin social media. Many happy memories reside there. And this goes out to not just Gurmehar Kaur, but others corrupting it with their bullshit too.

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